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We range from 58 to 66 years young. Our combined average age is 61.8. Together, we are the Top 2016 Female Age Group (AG) Cyclists in 4 disciplines.

  • ROAD – Margaret 63
    8-time USA Cycling National Champion, multiple-time New York State Champion
  • MOUNTAIN – Susan 58
    Leadville 100 AG Champion

  • TRIATHLON – Neil 66
    Austin Ironman 70.3 AG Champion and 2017 70.3 World Championships qualifier

  • HILL CLIMBING – Trish 60
    Mt. Washington AG Champion and AG Record Holder

The beginning… 4 Women. 1 Race. 1 Goal.

Now it’s 21 people: four racers, two alternates, one crew chief, one manager, and 14 awesome crew members with skills from mechanics to massage to race car driving. And there are waves of people behind them all making it possible… our sponsors, Brigham Health, home to Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Craft Sportswear and Hammer Nutrition, and all their people… it’s a real team!

Nominally we’re participating in a race. But really it’s more of a crusade. Our goal… to break down barriers, show the world what 60 year old women can accomplish, and raise money for a cause that is close to our hearts, the Brigham Women’s Health Fund, which is dedicated to supporting vital women’s health research through the Connors Center for Women’s Health and Gender Biology. Please join our team by making a donation.

The race kicks off on Saturday, June 17th in Oceanside, CA. We’ll bike more than 3000 miles through deserts, up and over mountain ranges, across the great plains, and after traveling across 12 states, we’ll arrive in Annapolis, MD in less than 7 days. Follow our journey on our blog, the Brigham Health Hub or the Race Across America website.


  • ESTABLISH – 4-Woman 60+ Team Record. It’s never been done!

  • BEAT – the 50-59 (2011) record of traveling at an average speed of 19.22 mph, (6 days, 11 hours and 34 minutes)

  • UPEND – Stereotypes about what 60-year old women can do on their bikes… and in life


What is RAAM? Race Across America (RAAM) is a grueling 3063 mile 24/7 cross-country Time Trial beginning in Oceanside, California and ending in Annapolis, Maryland. Barreling down the road at top speed and alternating cyclists in 20 minute segments, we will rely totally on our crew to keep us rolling and on our dreams, doubts and determination to keep the pedals turning. It is cycling’s premiere endurance event. Our plan… establish the 60+ category and beat the 50-59 record of 19.22 mph in under 7 days!

Takes grit. Lots of grit.

Read about RAAM