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We have known the joy & power of being athletes all our lives. We have worked for equal treatment of women in Sport – and Society – since we first felt the rush of running like the wind. We have all appreciated the positive impact of showing up and standing up for what we believe and for those dealt a more difficult hand.

Accomplished older women are mentors for the next generation and a seat of wisdom and strength in their communities. But notably in Sport, Business and Politics, we are under-represented or invisible. We aim to change that at RAAM 2017.

Between us we have 10 children and 1 grandchild. We have overcome a staggering collection of broken parts and life threatening conditions and setbacks. We overcome physical and life’s challenges in training every day. We’ve lost count of how many times we’ve gotten back on our bikes after broken necks, broken hips, broken hearts and broken brains. We are deeply grateful for our health care and the love of our families, trainers and medical teams for enabling each of our many recoveries.

If we spread inspiration, and pay for more health services for those without them, or advance younger women in their chosen work and passions, we will have succeeded. And… we intend to totally crush the numbers!

Margaret Thompson
Age: 63
Home: Clinton, NY

I began bicycle racing in 1984 and am USA Cycling Power Based Training Certified and a USA Cycling Level 1 (Elite) Coach. I have competed in road, mountain, cyclocross and gravel racing. I’ve raced extensively on the tandem as captain. I’ve won national championships and national podiums with a variety of committed stokers, male and female, well into the 2000’s. Previously I competed in the four-day Burley Tandem Stage Race (1993, 1994) in Eugene, OR, once as captain for a blind stoker and once as the only women’s team. Team work is crucial on the Tandem as it is for RAAM…and life.

My small business, a bottled water company owned by my husband and myself, sponsored the second all women’s cycling team in New York State from 1993 to 1996. The team was modeled after the original Bruegger’s Bagels All-Women’s Team.

I am a cervical cancer survivor, have a two-year old granddaughter and two daughters, both active athletes and outdoors people with impressive resumes of their own.

  • 2-time UCI Mountain Bike AG Worlds Silver Medalist
  • 8-time USA Cycling National Champion, multiple time medalist
  • Multiple-time New York State Champion. Current AG State Champion in Road Race
  • Multiple-time Empire State Games Gold Medalist
  • Multiple-time Empire State Senior Games Gold Medalist
  • Leadville Trail 100 Mountain Bike
    3-time finisher
    AG champion in 2014.
  • Mt. Washington
    Multiple-time AG winner
    Set new records and received women overall top 10 finishes
  • Current women’s record holder Mohawk Valley Bicycling Club Time Trial


The simple answer of “Because it is there” is just the beginning. This RAAM record attempt presents the entire package: Dave Eldridge’s crew-management expertise. Trish Karter’s amazing organizational skills, and a group of excellent and committed racers. Racing across the US will be a challenge of epic proportions, but this package ensures that everyone will be sharing their excellence by working for everyone else — a dedicated team experience. I love teamwork. I love to ride my bike. What more could anyone ask for?

Susan Lynch
Age: 58
Home: Dorset, VT

I participated in duathlons and triathlons until my knees gave out when I was 41. I love to compete and was at a loss when I was told I could no longer run. A friend suggested I try mountain biking and I fell in love with the sport. My first race was the 2002 Vermont 50 where I finished 2nd Female Overall. I had found my new sport!

I am a mother of three athletic outdoorsmen, Charlie, Dave and Kevin, am an avid outdoor enthusiast who finds great joy in nature, and love motivating and supporting people in their fitness journeys as a Spin Instructor.

  • USA Cycling AG Cross Country MTB
    Champion – 2008, 2009, 2013
    2nd Place – 2014
  • USA Cycling AG Cyclocross 2nd Place – 2014, 2016
  • USA Cycling AG Marathon MTB Champion – 2015
  • Leadville AG Champion (10th female overall) – 2016
  • Cyclocross Nationals AG 2nd Place – 2016
  • 5-time Leadville 100 finisher, 3 AG 1st Place, best finish 10th female overall,
  • 14-time Vermont 50 finisher, 11 AG 1st Place, 3-time 2nd female overall


I heard about RAAM 10 years ago, and have always wanted to participate. When the opportunity came up to be part of a 4 women 60-69 team with potential to be the first team in the category to finish I knew I had to try.

Trish Karter
Age: 60
Home: Boston, MA and temporarily Guilford, CT

I started bike racing in 2010 but had an accident and serious brain injury. As a goal for rehabilitation I was inspired to be well enough to ride Mt. Washington – riding uphill I was less likely to hit my head again! It became a passion. All my life I felt I “could’a been a contender” with the right sport and coach. I thought that window had closed until Marti Shea challenged me to believe I could be on the top of the podium instead of being thrilled with 3rd place. I’m humbled to be in the company of these amazing athletes. My goal in organizing this team was to recruit people who could outride me. Check.

I’m a mother of two wonderful young adults, Eleanna and Dimitri. I’m an artist who loves to be out in nature with my field easel and hope to go back to being a full-time painter someday. I’m a food entrepreneur by day whose jobs have included CEO Chabaso Bakery (current); Co-Founder lēf Farms; Co-Founder/CEO Dancing Deer Baking Co.

  • Dancing Deer Mother’s Day Ride – 2009
    Rode 1500 miles/15 days, solo, Atlanta to Boston, staying at homeless shelters to put a face on family homelessness and raise scholarship funds for at-risk mothers as a pathway out of poverty.
  • BUMPS Series 2nd Place Overall – 2013
  • Mt. Washington
    AG Champion – 2013, 2015, 2016
    5th Place Overall – 2013
    12th Place Overall – 2015
    7th Place Overall and AG Mountain Record – 2016


Looking through the RAAM records for a friend I realized that no 60+ woman’s team had ever done it. Something clicked in my brain and I knew I was in trouble. Later on I discovered an intrepid 2-woman team had done it in 2011 but it was too late – I was already swept into RAAM. Now my challenge is to make this crazy quest have impact far beyond the athleticism.

Neil Withington
Age: 66
Home: Plymouth, MA

Diagnosed with breast cancer quite young with non-optimal survival odds, I decided to do an Ironman at age 60 in 2010 to celebrate being alive. It was a privilege to not only be alive but to swim, bike and run. I did not actually believe I could finish, but I did - alongside my daughter! I love to bike and hold course age group bike records for nearly all the triathlons I’ve entered.

I’m a mother of two wonderful daughters, Lia and Whitney, and am married to Tucker Withington. I am a computer geek who worked as a Systems Engineer in high tech until having children and then started my own company to have the flexibility to work from home.

  • IM World Championships AG
    3rd Place – 2010, 2011
    4th Place – 2013
    7th Place – 2014
  • IM 70.3 World Championships AG
    3rd Place – 2013
    3rd Place – 2011
    Qualified for 2017 – 2016
  • IM Copenhagen AG Champion – 2015
  • IM Lake Placid AG Champion – 2010, 2011
  • IM 70.3 Austin 65-69 AG Champion – 2016
  • IM 70.3 Oceanside AG Champion – 2015
  • Challenge St. Andrews Half AG Champion – 2014
  • Fairlee Triahlon AG Champion – 2013
  • Rev3 ME Olympic Triathlon AG Champion – 2013
  • IM 70.3 St. Croix AG Champion – 2013, 2014
  • IM 70.3 Galveston AG Champion – 2012
  • IM 70.3 Mooseman AG Champion – 2011


It’s “the world’s toughest bicycle race”! This is big challenge and an amazing adventure. It’s a real privilege to be part of a team with such an incredible group of women. I couldn’t possibly pass up the opportunity.

Let there be no misunderstanding here. Ann Marie and Mary are only “alternates” because of their many other commitments  and life complexities this Spring.  They are amazing athletes – which is obvious from their impressive credentials but also most of us have raced against one another at some point in time. We know what we are talking about when we say “amazing”. They both also had major athletic careers prior to cycling, Mary as an Olympic-level marathoner and Ann Marie as a ballerina!  We are so grateful both are willing to squeeze in as much RAAM-focused training as possible and stand by in case one of us has to step out.

Anne Marie Miller - ALTERNATE
Age: 62
Home: New York, NY

I am a USA Cycling Category 1 racer who “discovered” cycling in my 40’s. I enjoy coaching athletes of all kinds and am thrilled to share the benefits of exercise and fitness with others. I am a USA Cycling Level 2 Coach, Exercise Physiologist, Health Coach for the Performance Center at Chelsea Piers in New York City and coach for the Century Road Club Association.

I understand the challenge of adversity and recovering from serious injuries; I broke my neck in 2005 and my pelvis in 2013. Recovering from those injuries took hard work, mental toughness and determination. Less than five months after I fractured my pelvis, I won the UCI World Masters Championship (AG) in both the Time Trial and Road Race. I won those races two years running and am a 12-time US National Masters Champion with 5 Road Race, 4 Criterium, and 3 Time Trial National Championships under my belt.

  • 4-time UCI World Masters Road Cycling Champion:
    Time Trial and Road Race – 2012, 2013
  • 12-time USA Cycling National Masters Road Cycling Champion:
    Road Race & Best All-Around Rider – 2000
    Road Race, Time Trial and Criterium & Best All-Around Rider – 2003, 2008
    Road Race and Criterium & Best All-Around Rider – 2009, 2010
    Time Trial & Best All-Around Rider – 2016
  • Century Road Club Association:
    Open Women’s Road Cycling Champion – 1999, 2010
    Open Women’s Time Trial Champion – 2001, 2003, 2004, 2007
  • Bethel Spring Cycling Series Overall Winner – 2003, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011
  • Green Mountain Stage Race Champion, Women 1/2 – 2004
  • New York State Time Trial Champion Open Women – 2008, 2012
  • New England Regional Time Trial Champion AG – 2013
  • Grants Tomb Criterium Champion, Women 1/2/3 – 2013
  • Tour of Flanders Time Trial Champion, Women 1/2/3 – 2016
  • Kingwood Time Trial Champion, Women 1/2/3 – 2016
  • Blueberry Circuit Time Trial Champion, Women 1/2/3 AG – 2016
  • Pennsylvania 40k Time Trial Champion AG – 2016
  • New Jersey Bicycle Racing Association Series Overall Champion, Women 1/2/3 – 2016


I am always looking for a new challenge and believe this group can make a powerful statement for women of all ages, showing that women can be strong, courageous and accomplish goals at any age.
Mary Hynes Johanson

Mary Hynes Johanson - ALTERNATE
Age: 62
Home: Belmont, MA

I was something of a late bloomer not participating in any type of sport until age 25. Running became a passion and I soon set my sights and dreams on qualifying for the 1st U.S. Women’s Olympic Marathon Trials. I had good fortune to reach many of my running goals in the 1980s.

The next athletic pursuit was cycling in my 50s (easier on the joints). I entered a number of New England road races and hill climbs. I again had the good fortune to be able to win or place high in my category in many of those events.

I’ve taught high school and coached X-country and track and field at the middle and high school level. I’ve been a real estate professional with sales in Belmont and surrounding areas. I’m married to David Johanson (32 years) and have a kitty, Spencer.

  • MA State AG Road Race Champion
  • New England Regional AG Road Race Champion
  • 1st Place UWCT AG qualifier, NY
  • Hillclimb AG Record Holder: Mt. Washington, Mt. Greylock, Burke Mountain
  • 1st place AG: Okemo, Newton’s Revenge, Wachusett, Whiteface, Equinox, Allen Clark
  • Running Highlights – 1980s:
    1st Place Ocean State Marathon, RI
    1st Place John W. English Marathon, CT
    1984 and 1988 U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials (Personal Record: 2:40)
    l985 and l986 Boston Marathon (Top 10)
    1st Place 1/2 Marathon Puerto Rico
    2nd Place National 10K Road Race Championship
    2nd Place AG Boston Marathon (40-49)
    Personal Best Road Race Times: Marathon 2:40, 10K 34:10, 15K 52:15, 10 miles 57:00, 5 miles 27:00


How could I say no to Trish Karter on her courageous attempt to show the world what a team of 60+ women can do in sport when given the opportunity.